The harmful Ghosts

Ghost nets are abandoned or lost fishing nets that continue to trap and kill marine life long after they have been discarded. These nets can be harmful to marine ecosystems because they can continue to fish indiscriminately for many years, depleting fish populations and disrupting the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems.

Ghost nets can also entangle and kill marine animals, such as dolphins, whales, and sea turtles, which can suffer slow, painful deaths as a result. In addition to the direct harm caused by ghost nets, they can also contribute to marine pollution and litter, harming ocean habitats and making the ocean a less safe and healthy place for all marine life.

There are organizations and individuals who dive for ghost nets to remove them from the ocean and prevent them from continuing to harm marine life. By diving for ghost nets, divers can remove these nets from the ocean and prevent them from continuing to do harm. This can be a challenging and dangerous task, as ghost nets are often tangled in underwater debris or sunken ships, and can be difficult to locate and recover. Divers who engage in this work often do so as volunteers or as part of a conservation organization.

The rescued nets can then be cleaned and processed into new materials that can be put into production. 

The Le Cord Ghost Net collection are made of fishing net plastics collected from the oceans and the fishing industry.