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Ghost Net Cables

Every year 640.000 tonnes of fishing gear are dumped in our oceans. ”GHOST NETS” specifically are harmful fishing nets discarded at sea continuing to catch and kill marine life for hundreds of years until the nets break down into microplastics. Species trapped in Ghost Nets die, which means food for other aquatic living beings who also get caught and die, leading to a deadly cycle. By collecting fishing nets this vicious loop can be stopped and the nets regenerated into new products contributing to a sustainable planet.

The LE CORD GHOST NET cable collection is the World’s first made from recycled ocean plastics.


Sustainababble is a great weekly comedy podcast about the environment, for and by the confused. Your hosts Ol and Dave are supposed to be experts in how to save the planet. But why’s everything got to be so confusing?

Each week they try to get a little bit closer to enlightenment. They may fail. They sift through the most egregious eco-guff out there, exposing the real eco villians vs the hapless incompetents. 

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Ghost Net Plastics

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