Blue Ocean iPhone Lightning-Kabel · 1,2 Meter · Hergestellt aus recyceltem Kunststoff

Recovers 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic You can track your impact after purchase.
Minimale Serie
Weniger Material – weniger Abfall

Bei diesem Kabel haben wir so viel Material wie möglich entfernt, ohne Kompromisse bei der Qualität einzugehen. Wir beziehen auch recycelte Post-Consumer-Kunststoffe in der Nähe unserer Fabrik, um den Transport zu minimieren.


1,2 Meter Länge / 3,9 Fuß

Steckergehäuse aus recyceltem TPE

Hülle aus recyceltem TPE

MFI-zertifiziert von Apple

Verpackungen aus recyceltem, plastikfreiem Papier

GRS (Globaler Recyclingstandard)
Gewicht 32 g
Maße 80 × 80 × 18 mm

1,2 Meter, 3,9 Fuß

Apple MFI-zertifiziert



rTPE ♻, Metall




CE, REACH, RoHs, WEEE, FSC, Global Recycling Standard, MFI


BSCI, SMETA Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

Durch den Kauf dieses Produkts werden 0,75 $ zur Finanzierung der Müllentsorgung der Ozeane kompensiert. Entspricht dem Sammeln von 1 Kilo Plastik aus dem Ozean oder 80 Plastikflaschen.

Dank unseres Partners Empower können wir Ihnen ein Dashboard anbieten, das Ihnen nach der Bestellung zugesendet wird und Ihnen die vollständige Rückverfolgbarkeit Ihres Beitrags ermöglicht.


Empower ist in mehr als 15 Ländern tätig, um Anreize für die Sammlung von Kunststoffabfällen zu schaffen, Abfallmanagementsysteme in Gang zu bringen und Transparenz in den Lieferketten von Recyclern und Kunststoffherstellern zu schaffen.

Der Einsatz von Blockchain-Technologie und Verifizierung durch Dritte gewährleistet sowohl Transparenz als auch Rückverfolgbarkeit in der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette. Dies verhindert Manipulationen, sodass Käufern garantiert wird, dass sie tatsächlich dazu beitragen, Plastik im Ozean loszuwerden.

The Importance Of Having A Good iPhone Charging Cable

A good iPhone charging cable ensures that your device remains charged at all times so you can stay connected throughout the day. Without a reliable cable, you risk damaging your phone or not being able to charge it properly. There are many different types of cables available in the market, but not all of them offer the same level of quality, sustainability and safety as others.


Le Cord is on a mission to add deeper values to the world of mobile accessories. That’s why we founded the segment called Conscious Tech. We believe that through small steps we can do well by doing good and create long term value before short term profits. Even though this means very hard work for us in terms of influencing and changing a whole industry, for you the effort is small - just choose a more sustainable product.

Reliable Charging

One important thing you need to consider when charging your iPhone is having a reliable charging cable that charges your phone quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you can go about your day without worrying about running out of battery life.

Moreover, investing in a high-quality, durable iPhone charging cable prevents that it won't fray or break easily over time. This means that you don't have to worry about replacing it frequently, saving you money on unnecessary expenses.

In addition to providing consistent power supply for your iPhone, durability is also another essential factor to consider when choosing a charger cable. It's crucial to opt for a sturdy and long-lasting cable so that you can use it safely and confidently wherever you go, whether at home or on-the-go.


When it comes to charging our iPhones, having a reliable cable is crucial. But what good is reliability if the cable can't withstand daily wear and tear? That's where durability comes in, a quality that should not be overlooked when choosing a charging cable.

A cable that breaks easily or frays at the ends, becomes more of a hassle than a helpful tool. A durable cable will last longer and save you from constantly replacing broken ones. Not only does this save money in the long run, but it also reduces waste by preventing unnecessary disposal of non-biodegradable tech accessories. Investing in a durable iPhone cable doesn't just benefit your wallet and the environment; it also ensures uninterrupted use of your phone. A flimsy or unreliable charging cable could lead to interrupted charges or even damage to your device. With a durable cable, you won't have to worry about such issues and can confidently charge your phone whenever necessary.


How do you know which cables are compatible with your device? Apple has its own lightning connector found in all their devices since 2012. Any third-party cable labeled MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) certified by Apple meets the standards required for safe usage. So make sure to choose one that fits the bill! Using an incompatible charger can lead to problems like slow charging, iOS error messages or even damaging your phone's delicate ports - something no one wants! Don't risk running out of power at crucial moments; invest in a quality MFi-certified cable today!

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